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What's a "Mummy Restraint" .? - Yahoo Answers
A mummy restraint is simply wrapping a child snuggly, similar to the way you wrapped your daughter as a newborn by swaddling her in a blanket.

mabel's mummy restrain
mabel's mummy restrain - YouTube ... YouTube home

Using a mummy restraint - Nursing Center - Home
DO • Explain the reason for the restraint, but don’t call it a mummy restraint because this term may frighten an older child or his parents. Tell them that it’s ...

Types of Restraints flashcards | Quizlet - Simple free ...
8 terms · Baby Restraints → Mummy, elbow, crib restraints, Adult Restraints → Jacket, Belt, Mitt, Hand, Limb, Body Restraints → Sleeveless Jackets or Vests ...

Mummy restraint. The mummy restraint may be used during many procedures such as gastric washing; eye, ear, or throat examinations. How to make a mummy restraint? 1.

mummification restraint articles
He had not heard of Posey, Best or Humane Restraint until 20 years later. ... There were hog ties, suspension, rope mummification, arms restrained behind, ...

Applying a Mummy Restraint ~ Nursing -
Goal: The patient is constrained by the restraint, remains free from injury, and the restraint does not interfere with therapeutic devices. 1. Determine ...

restraint - definition of restraint by Medical dictionary
Types of restraints: A, Chest restraint; B, Hand mitt restraint; C, Belt restraint; D, Mummy restraint. From Lammon et al., 1996. jacket restraint camisole.

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